Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?
Our pricing is flat-rate, based upon your customized cleaning plan, and the size/condition of your home. For ongoing, routine cleanings, your rate stays the same for each cleaning. Whether it takes 3 hours to complete your list of required tasks, or 3.5 hours due to a sticky jelly/jam incident this week, you can rest assured that we accomplished your entire list and didn’t leave until your home was looking marvelous.


Do you bring supplies?

Yes! We provide all cleaning solutions, cleaning cloths, microfiber mop, and certified HEPA filtration vacuum.


Are you insured?

Yes! We are insured and registered to provide cleaning services in the State of New Hampshire. Our staff are all Certified House Cleaning Technicians, trained and certified by the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International.

How long will the cleaning take?
Depending on the tasks in your customized cleaning plan and the size and condition of your home, cleaning time will vary. Over time, we are able to clean faster and this is because of routine and familiarity with the home. Once we reach peak efficiency, cleaning time may vary based on tasks around the home that are done on rotation. Some weeks may be 3 hours, some 3.5 hours.

What is included in a routine cleaning?
Your routine cleaning plan is based on the specifications you provide during your in-home estimate. We are equipped with the knowledge and supplies to properly care for the many types of surfaces in your home. From stone countertops to engineered or genuine hardwood, glazed tubs, glass showers, sealed and treated surfaces, etc.


Here’s a quick list of the most common time-consuming cleaning tasks that we complete on a regular basis, including, but not limited to:



Hallways, Foyer/Entry, Home Office

Kitchen/Dining Areas

Living Areas

  •      Dusting (front and back of doors, chair rails, sills, ledges, baseboards, headboards, picture frames, shelving, cobwebs, lamps, banisters, etc.)

  •     Wipe down cabinetry

  •      Wipe down wooden furniture

  •      Vanity / Dresser-top / Counter-space Organization

  •      Mirrors Shined

  •      Toilet – tank, inside/outside of bowl, pedestal, lever, area behind toilet

  •      Sink – basin, faucets, backsplash

  •      Floors Vacuumed

  •      Floors Mopped

  •      Trash Emptied

  •      Fixtures Shined

  •      Shower – Scour+Scrub Tub – Shine Glass Doors

  •      Jacuzzi Tub Cleaned and Sanitized

  •      Shine exterior surfaces of kitchen appliances

  •      Microwave interior

  •      Highchair or toddler seat wiped down

  •      Stovetop cleaning

  •      Side tables/ coffee tables wiped down

  •      Television dusted with dry microfiber, no chemicals


What should I do before a home cleaning session?

To make our house cleaning services more efficient, you can pick up clothing, toys and other household items.