Surface Care

Shower & Bath





In order to reduce the amount of contaminants in the home (as well as our exposure to VOC's),
we choose not to use toxic chemical cleaning agents unless the task specifically requires a more alkaline or acidic solution to get the job done.
Unlike bleach and other harsh chemicals, all of our cleaning solutions are safe for waterways and septic systems and do not pose a health risk to pets or aquatic life. 

Our goal is to physically remove dust, soil, soap scum and debris from surfaces
while sanitizing odor- and disease-causing bacteria and pathogens--
not simply mask them with a strong scent.

For routine surface care, we use non-abrasive pH-neutral cleaning solutions, high-quality 
microfiber material, HEPA vacuums and tools.

Also offered is use of an EPA-registered disinfectant on non-food surfaces,
  i.e. toilets, taps, tubs, door knobs, light switches, etc.
Proper use of disinfectant is known to kill 99.9999% of bacteria, viruses, mold and their spores.  


Natural Solid Hardwood

oaks, maple, beech

and Softwood

pine, fir, hemlock, redwood

Engineered Hardwood

a thin premium wood layer over plywood
laminate solid engineered wook

The 3 Biggest Enemies
of Hardwood Flooring:

- Grit, Sand, Dirt
- Water

- Sunlight


A picture (often of wood or stone), glued to a base, usually fiberboard, covered by a clear wear layer.
Both laminate flooring and laminate countertops are moisture-sensitive. 

Stone and Tile

Granite is the hardest and most durable of commonly-used stone. It is reasonably chemical-resistant but care will vary based upon the manufacturer's finish/sealer.

When cleaning stone and tile, it's important to use the right product.

Harsh acidic cleaners will dissolve calcium-based stones such as true marble, travertine, and limestone.
As well as, toothpastes, coffee and disinfectants. 

marble sink.jpg

Cultured Surfaces

A mix of stone, resin, and pigments produces the all-natural look of stones like marble and granite. Surfaces like these are extremely resistant to mold and mildew.

Cultured Marble/Faux Marble


Proper carpet care and maintenance is important for healthy indoor air quality.
Carpet fibers trap dust and allergens and hold on to particles until they can be removed by vacuuming or full carpet cleaning.

Cut pile, looped thread, or a natural fiber rug,
we have the proper tools to care for every carpet, including MoHawk Silk.

Regular carpet maintenance prolongs the life and appearance of your floor covering.