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The 3 Biggest Enemies of Hardwood Flooring:

- Grit, Sand, Dirt
- Water

- Sunlight

Carpet Care

Proper carpet care and maintenance is important for healthy indoor air quality

Carpet fibers trap dust and allergens and hold onto particles until they can be removed by vacuuming or full carpet cleaning

Regular carpet maintenance prolongs the life and appearance of your floor covering

Cut pile, looped thread, or a natural fiber rug,
we have the proper tools to care for every carpet, including MoHawk Silk!

Stone and Tile

When cleaning stone and tile, it's important to use the right product

Harsh acidic cleaners will dissolve calcium-based stones such as true marble, travertine, and limestone

As well as, toothpastes, coffee and disinfectants

Granite is the hardest and most durable of commonly-used stone

It is reasonably chemical-resistant but care will vary based upon the manufacturer's finish/sealer
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“Our partnership with Cleaning For A Reason is a blessing.
We can do what we’re passionate about for members of the community who really need our talents.”

-Megan H., Hiring Manager       

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